Big Bytes Barkada: Smart Communications Outs Witty TV Ad for Data Sharing

With Smart’s Big Bytes Barkada Promo, you can share a portion of your data MB with the whole barkada!

Smart Big Bytes Barkada

The Big Bytes Barkada comes in two plans: 99 pesos for 700MB valid for 7 days and 299 pesos for 2GB valid for 30 days.

How to register?

700MB valid for 7 days, text BBB99 to 9999 and for 2GB data – text BBB299 to 9999. Follow these easy steps to PasaData to your barkada:

  1. Register by texting BBB99 or BBB299 to 9999 or dial *121#.
  2. Next, share your data to your friends by texting SHARE # of recipient (Amount)MB to 808
  3. Wait for the confirmation text for you and your recipients, then you can start the online barkada fun!

Things to remember:

Big Bytes Barkada is available to Smart Prepaid subscribers only and sharing of MB is limited to just Smart Prepaid to Smart Prepaid. Validity of transferred data volume follows the original promo validity (7 days or 30 days). There will be P1 fee for every transaction (transfer). Required minimum data shared is 50MB.

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