CD-R King Action Camcorder Review: Affordable GoPro Alternative!

CD-R King Action Camcorder’s waterproof case can endure 20 meters of water deepness.

CD-R King Action Camcorder. GoPro has dominated the action camera market since the beginning and there is no doubt that its cameras are the best in the market.

Note: This is a repost review from Taragis.Com with permission from the site’s Chief Editor.

And though GoPro is the king in the action camera market, there are local alternatives that often come at more reasonable price points and just a week ago, CD-R King sent us its action camera flagship. Nevertheless, I’m not adept on this field, but I’ll rate this camera based on my personal requirements and satisfaction.

CD-R King Action Camera Unboxing

Let’s start it this way, obviously, CD-R King’s Action Camcorder is an imitator of the GoPro. While not exactly the same, it attempts to clone the experience that GoPro users hitching on their devices. This camera comes with a nearly identical waterproof case and cuts the same GoPro-style mounting system.

CD-R King Action Camcorder Review

Going down with its specifications, CD-R King Action Camcorder is equipped with 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor and can produce up to 12MP(4,000×3,000) picture resolution, it can record full HD video (1920×1080) at 30 frames per seconds and an HD video (1280×720) at 60fps. Lens view angle is 120 degrees.

CD-R King Action Camcorder

A 3-minute FHD video could take around 300MB file size. The longest video I recorded is 10 minutes and 44 seconds and consumed 1.06GB of storage. Video file format is MOV(H.264).

There’s no useable internal memory so you’ll need to buy a microSD card before you’ll be able to test the camera, you can insert card of up to 32GB. The 32GB could give you around 14 hours of continuous full HD video recording.

CD-R King Action Camcorder MicroSD 32GB

In other features, there’s a WiFi feature, but it’s not the connectivity we often used for Internet – it’s not. It’s use for connecting the camera to your phone, using the action camera’s WiFi feature, the device will act as a hotspot letting you control its settings and other features using the Android or iOS app (Playstore and Appstore links provided in the user manual).

CD-R King Action Camcorder WiFi

Camera live feed will be redirected to your phone. You can also browse the content of the microSD card, giving you an easy access, managing your video and image files.

CD-R King Action Camcorder Android App

There’s also a 1.5-inch TFT display, it isn’t a touch screen but you’ll have three capacitive buttons at the right side. The screen is legible even with direct sunlight, which is commendable complementing with its outdoor purpose.

CD-R King Action Camcorder Review LCD

The whole built feels sturdy, the rubbery coating makes it looks more durable and I think an accidental drop won’t be critical. It has dimensions of 6×3.8×2.8cm (60x38x28mm).

CD-R King Action Camcorder Dimensions

On the left side you’ll find microSD slot, micoUSB and microHDMI ports.

CD-R King Action Cam Ports

You can charge the device using the standard microUSB cable and by that, you can easily charge it in almost anywhere, using the usual powerbank or cigarette lighter charger in your car.

I mounted this device on my car’s dashboard using the included suction cup, acting as a vehicle DVR.

CD-R King Action Camcorder Car Dashboard

It performs long hours nonstop recording while driving on the road. The recording is also helpful if you need video footage for a ticket or car accident dispute, or simply hope to offhandedly capture the next YouTube sensation.

I also tried and submerged the action camera with its waterproof case in the pool; I even recorded a first person view in a water slide (see video below).

Sample Pictures

The waterproof case can endure 20 meters of water deepness (that’s 25 65 feet, taragis). But don’t trust the waterproof case too much, I noticed that water can get thru with the case’s pushbuttons, so you might refrain from pressing those buttons while under the water.

CD-R King Waterproof Case

Or to double safe your device, try dipping first an empty waterproof case to see if there’s any problem with the sealant.

Waterproof Case

But overall, I think the waterproof case could greatly do its job outdoor; it could very well protect your device from occasional water splash such as rain or from dust particles along the road while mounted on your bike or helmet.

As for the video rate, I could say, I am very well satisfied. It offers very good video quality for the money.

The camera is also armed with 1,000mAh battery, which could give you around one and half hours of continuous recording. Charging the battery could take up to 5 hours. While mounted on car, you can use USB travel charger and plug it in your cigarette lighter socket.

CD-R King Logo

CD-R KING might not be an ideal brand for most of us, but for this particular device, I could say, it is priced well, given that it has waterproof case with good video quality and with a wide variety of mounts available, it’s worth buying. Forget the stigma in CD-R King as a cheap product, mine will be for keeps, and I’ll definitely use it in my car and on some occasional outdoor activities.

CD-R King Action Camcorder is available at all CD-R King outlets nationwide for Php 3,380. For more information you can visit CD-R King website or their official Facebook Page.

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